Babe EP

by Gold Light

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Written and Recorded by JOE CHANG at the Ferncrest House in Greenville, SC. Spring / Summer 2014. Additional recording at the Smith & Cannon Apartment in Charleston, SC. Spring 2015.

Played by
JOE CHANG: Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Drums, Synthesizers, Piano, Saw, Tambourine
NICK KOVACS: Snare with bundled chopsticks on "Only In My Mind"
Mastered by DAN McCURRY
Cover Photo by KYLE VICTORY

Thanks to John Ferrer, Aubrey Curtis, Nick Kovacs, Johnnie Matthews, Jess Oliver, Brett Nash, all friends & family.
"Only Your Arms Will Do" is for grandparents passed: Edna, a diner waitress, and Joe, a long distance truck driver, who were newlyweds in the late 1950s. Zephyr, NC.

This was a split cassette tape with Elim Bolt for the Summer 2015 Watermelon Crawl Tour.


released June 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Gold Light Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Babe
Oh don't you know the light you behold
reaches for more than what you've been told
Oh what a waste of your family traits
It's such a shame nothing came of your age
If I could erase every ounce of the pain
That runs through your veins I'd leave it no trace, babe

Oh don't you know that you broke the mold
Your treasure was gold with the beauty it holds
I know there's no cure of this I am sure
But for what it's worth I will always be yours
And if there's a place on this side of grace
Where souls must remain before they can change
And hearts have to break before they gain strength
Well we'll just have to wait, babe
We'll just have to wait
Til our dying day
Track Name: Only In My Mind
It happens all the time I try to make you mine
But you'll never cross that line when I advance you just decline
It drives me crazy in my mind

It happens every night I get the urge to hold you tight
To feel our bodies intertwine so come on in and dim the lights
And ease the troubles in my mind

It happens every time I start thinking I'll be fine
Then I look into your eyes there's something there I can't deny
And I just can't say goodbye cus I need you in my life
No matter how hard I try it just tears me up inside
Cus you're what's only in my mind
Track Name: Only Your Arms Will Do
Well I do declare if you don't come home soon
I'll be frozen half to death yes I'm afraid this much is true
The winter's bearing down and the air is turning cold
When the snow touches the ground will you be here to hold?
I wrote a dozen letters and received a dozen more
But the words that fill the pages ain't like you at my door
The days just get so lonesome and the house just seems so bare
I reach out in my sleep but all I'm grabbing is the air
I wrap myself in blankets pretend I'm lying here with you
But my body's getting cold cus baby
Only your arms will do

I sit out in the yard watch the flowers start to bloom
And I'm wondering where you are wondering where you're headed to
The road must get so lonesome and the drive must feel so long
All these miles in-between us babe they're doing us so wrong
Spring is in the air baby birds all start to sing
Of the wedding ring you'll bring to me and all our silly sacred things
I've wished a dozen wishes and I've felt you in my dreams
But sleeping in this heat has just been draining all my strength
Now my body's feeling weaker and I lack the will to move
I need a little help and darling
Only your arms will do