Gold Light

by Gold Light

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Debut GOLD LIGHT Album ~ March 2014 on HEARTS & PLUGS // Summer 2013 on SLOW OWL RECORDINGS.


released September 7, 2013

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

All songs Written, Recorded, and Played by JOE CHANG at the SLOW OWL home in Catlettsburg, KY during the Spring and Fall of 2012.

ANDREW RAMEY: Bass on 4, 5, and 9
JOSH BLAINE: Drums on 1, 4, 5, and 9
LUCAS WARD: Lead Guitars on 4 and 9
KRISTIN RAMEY: Backup Vocals on 9

Mixed and Mastered by NESEY GALLONS

Artwork is a piece by FAITH CALLAWAY

"This album makes you forget about all the crap going on this cold, cold world by making alive again the elements of what makes the classics classic—the purity and innocence of what love could and should be, the sweet lyrics and the quivering harmonies.. Chang believes—no, he knows that—there is still beauty in this world to make sense of, there are still mysteries and there is still love—all kinds of it."
-- Hannah Cook, The Blue Indian

Touring Band:
JOE CHANG: Guitar, Vocals
DANE SMITH: Guitar, Keys




all rights reserved


Gold Light Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Control
and so it goes
time just makes you old
and you don't have no control
don't have no control

there are stories you've been told
though the meanings go unknown
cus there are things you can't control
things you can't control

if we keep our voices low
then they'll never have to know
we can keep it under control
keep it under control

but you're just putting on a show
and you're caught in an undertow
and you don't wanna be controlled
don't wanna be controlled

but beauty will unfold
if you keep your heart of gold
there are things you will control
things you will control

there are feelings you withhold
then your heart starts to overflow
and you start to lose control
and you don't wanna lose control

so you just have to let go
of the things you can't control
and that's when you start to grow
and see the picture as a whole
cus you can't always have control
you can't always have control
you can't always have control
you can't always have control
Track Name: Habits
do you have the habit?of having to have it?
why do you have the habit?of having to have it?

when your body's craving what it lacks
i'll gladly be your other half
oh i will be your other half
i will be your other half

well i said we'd make it through but i never said i'd wait for you
just like a patient who gets reacquainted with the news
and all the parents who! rearrange their love for you!
when there comes a choice to choose, will any one just do?

well you said you'd had enough, that habits never mattered much,
and even though your skin is tough it's still so soft to the touch,
so when you fall asleep i wonder what you're dreaming of,
i lie and make believe, that you and i are deep in love

now i've got no fight left but that don't mean i'll surrender
just because you're feeling well don't mean you're getting better
so give me your body and i will return the favor
just because i'd die for you don't make me your savior
just because i'd die for you, don't make me your savior
don't make me your savior, don't make me your savior
don't make me your savior, don't make me your savior

when your body's craving what it lacks
i will be your other half, i will be your other half, i will be your other half
when your body's craving what it lacks
i will be your other half, i will be your other half, i will be your other half
Track Name: Endless Beauty
do you remember when, we were the best of friends, and how we would pretend to let our bodies blend?
oh how i used to rest, my heart on what it said, in words across your chest spelled out in such a pretty mess..

things were much different then i never thought that they would end.

do you remember when, you set fire to the den, we had to hold the hands of all the firemen.
then when father came in, you took it on the chin, and though your skin is thin, all we could do was grin..

things were much happier then i never saw them coming to an end.

do you remember when, we always used to spend each day until it's end as though we were destined?
and i would make believe i could splice scenes of endless beauty right into your dreams..
and they'd flash on movie screens, ones only you could see, and when you awoke from your sleep the memories would be soooo sweet..

that you would fall deeply in love with me..

things were much better then, but i can't recall quite how it all began..
Track Name: Last Night (In My Dreams)
last night… when i fell asleep.. i… i slipped into a dream..
and you was falling falling falling falling falling falling deep in love with me...
and i could not imagine any other sweeter thing that there could ever be…

but then when i awoke, my heart was still broke,
mr. sandman played a joke, on me
and now my days, are only filled with pain,
if i could just remain, in my dreams…

last night… when i had a dream .. i .. i never wanted to leave…
cus you was hugging kissing smooching necking cuddling licking loving up on me..
and you felt so real i couldn't tell the difference between existence and fantasy..

now when i'm awake, my heart just aches,
oh can't i catch a break, please..
now my days, are only filled with pain,
if i could just remain, in my dreams..

then life would be so wonderful and whimsical and magical
and love would always be enough, and it would just be the two of us
i never want to leave my dreams, i never want to lose these things
keep the world you're living in, i'd rather have my REM,
and you can keep your emotions, just please release my seratonin,
and you can analyze my notions, i don't care, Jung or Freudian,

i never want to leave my dreams, oh why oh why, can't i just sleep
i never want a conscious mess, so please oh please just let me rest,
i never wanna wake again, if you're not by me in my bed,
oh don't let that nightmare come true, cus baby all i want is…
Track Name: Handsome Boys
oh little diamond doll, fences have been built around you
oh your little wild heart just wants to be set loose
all of them handsome boys, brave their uniforms just for you
but i've lost all my fight, cus i see no end in sight,
it's a war i'm not cut out for..

oh little shining star, walls have been built around you
oh your little golden heart, burns so bright i see it coming through
and all of them courageous kids, are raising up their flags two by two
i could put up a fight, trade licks with all my might,
it's a war that's worth fighting for..

oh my little country girl, worlds had been built around you
oh little broken hearts, just keep tearing in two,
and all of them front line fools, the war is theirs just to lose,
when the bullets start to fly, and i lie down to die,
i'll only be thinking of you..
when they come and break the news, it'll be more than a few,
cus i was just another soldier being used..
Track Name: L'Age d'Or
when i was young i would watch the love
as it was dripping off of your native tongue
and from your lungs words would come
and they would form little foreign worlds i wished i was from

am i still the boy you always knew?
did i somehow lose myself in you?
am i still the same or did i somehow change?
oh whatever became of the golden age

when you were young you would wash my tongue
til it was clean and free from all the filthy scum
and upon our lips our souls would manifest
to meet and reminisce in a holy kiss

i am still the boy you always knew
what do i have to do to prove it's true
i am still the same and i never changed
oh whatever became of our golden age

Track Name: Gold
can you be ready to go when i get home?
i've been looking to leave for so long
i could go but i don't wanna go it alone
i don't know if I'm that strong

your mind might seem heavy with them thoughts that you carry
but baby just let em go
your love is my desire and it burns like a fire
i know it can only grow

i got some money saved up
and i think that it's enough
to buy what i want the most
and it's your heart and it's made of gold

can you pick up the phone when you get home?
i'll be waitin' for your call
i been thinking 'bout us and i miss your touch
but I'm trying to stay strong

i know your hearts heavy with the weight that you carry
and sometimes you wanna explode
but my legs are pretty steady i can help ya if ya let me
i'm ready to share the load

i got some money saved up
i dunno if it's enough
to buy what's already sold
cus it's your heart, and it's made, outta gold

well darlin' dontcha know that your heart is made of gold
how come you set the price so low?
when theres a million different men who would pay what they can
but they don't know what i know
they ain't paid the price i paid and i've paid it with my pain
well over tenfold
but your heart, is worth the hurt, cus its gold

can you keep your eyes dry til i come home?
and i'll try to do the best i can
ain't no reason to cry when we're just trying to find
something to believe in

i know your soul's heavy with the burdens that it carries
over and over again
but one day the pain will lift, one day it won't exist
forever and ever amen

i got some money saved up but i know it's not enough
to pay for all of my sins
but if you're standing out front when i pull up
i know we can be cleansed
cus i've seen the road and i know it ain't all made outta stone
it's like your heart, and it's paved, with gold, baby.
Track Name: Divine Light
There's a light that's divine and I've been looking my whole life
but each time I catch a glimpse it just makes my eyes go blind
There's a line that divides what is wrong from what is right
and sometimes it's hard to find the good lying in both sides

So tonight I'm gonna drive to find
if the highway lights don't blind me
I will be there when the morning comes
but will you be beside me

There's a look in your eyes that cries
"I've been hurting my whole life"
and each time you try to hide it, just eats up your insides
But there's a line that divides what lies ahead from what's behind
and sometimes we need reminding it's all what we decide

So tonight I'm gonna drive to find
the highway looks inviting
It's the only way I'm ever saved
and I'd like you there beside me

There's a light that is mine and I guess somehow it drives me
and if I try to defy it starts to burn inside me
And all lines only divide what is yours from what is mine
Oh don't you know all life grows born from the same light

So tonight, we could drive,
but if the highway's not enticing
I will stay here, forever dear,
if you will stay beside me
Track Name: True Love Never Dies
Oh baby, maybe this way is for the better
This way our love will stay young forever
Oh who's to say if we remained together
Oh who was the fool that proclaimed that true love never dies

True love never dies
True love stays alive
and it burns like a fire deep inside
True love never dies

Oh baby, maybe today I'll get better
Time heals all things come what may and what ever
But the pain just remains from the day my heart was severed
Oh who was the fool who proclaimed that true love never dies


And love lasts forever, even when it's gone, that's what people don't get, they think an everlasting love means the two lovers must be with each other forever, but I have already had a few forever loves in my life cus even though I don't know or have those lovers in my everydays anymore, that love that we shared is now suspended in the air above the lotus flower where eternity is nestled and sleeps and dreams for the day and time when we all remember that everything is beautiful and open and endless

Oh baby, maybe one day we'll be together
And this pain will be a thing that I won't even remember
Oh I'm just a fool who believes that true love never dies