by Gold Light

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Recorded in Charleston, SC at the Smith & Cannon Apartment
during the Winter, Spring and Summer of 2015
Additional Recording done at
and Apt A by DAN McCURRY


released March 11, 2016

All songs Written and Performed by
JOE CHANG: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Piano,
Synthesizers, Glockenspiel, Tambourine, Saw
JOHNNIE MATTHEWS: Bass on “Rosebush”, Guitar on “Bloom”
JESS OLIVER: Drums on “Bloom”
WOLFGANG ZIMMERMAN: Drums on “Arm’s Length” & “Destiny”


Cover Layout by MEGAN ELGER w/ JOE CHANG

Thank you to Johnnie, Jess, Dan McCurry, Megan, Wolfgang,
Nesey, Adam Cullum, Nick Kovacs, Casey Ellis, Andy Woodward,
Dane Smith, Josh Carpenter, Brett Nash, Keon Masters, Hunter Park,
Reba Fraser, Hearts & Plugs, all friends and family.



all rights reserved


Gold Light Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Union
The loss of your lover was a wound
Just as real as a dagger splitting your flesh into two
Kept you locked through the winter inside your room
While your window framed existence in a lonely view
Like Lazarus lying low in his tomb
You'll be coming out soon

The fate of the future is what you choose
But the truth is that it ain't always up to you
There are things that you're just born into
Like the figure of your father always looming over you
Like a thief stealing lightning off of Zeus
All fires need fuel

The time spent in Lou pulled us through
I'd have surely been a goner had it not been for you
In that shotgun shack on Goss Avenue
I seen the petals painted silver under the rising of the moon
Like George I'd have lassoed it for you
You just never asked me to

The time I spend with you is far and few
And the future becomes the past all too soon
I'm looking forward to looking back on this with you
In the garden where we started, parted and grew
It's a Union that's been long overdue
All flowers in bloom
Track Name: Rosebush
So finally my eyes can see
All that lies what's underneath
But if I try to keep them near
Visions of god just hold me dear

I don't know what you see in me
That makes you stay so easily
But if I try and make believe
Then visions of the devil won't let me be

And all this time my eyes were laid upon
Visions of a light that has been lost
And when you left you left your rose
And I had to walk home alone
And all the things I saw were turning to stone
But the visions of what I want the most
Are floating through this air as ghosts

So finally my eyes can see
All that lies and hides beneath
But if I try to make it clear
Then visions of god they bring these tears

I don't know what you do to me
That makes me stay so easily
But if I try to fall asleep
Visions of the devil drive deep in me

And all this time my eyes were laid upon
Visions of a love that has been gone
And when you left you left your rose
And I had to walk home alone
And all the things I'd hold were turning to gold
But the visions of what I love the most
Are floating through this air as ghosts
Track Name: Visions
So you carved out a place deep inside
and you go there when you need to hide
Can you take me to that place tonight?
Another lonesome soul by your side

Sigh Aye I'd

And you've found every home you have known
takes you further anon up the road
Take your time and just let me know
Let me know when you're ready to go

Go Grow Old

Cus you touched me that very first time
Like you'd known me all of my life
Now I ain't trying to change your mind
But if you go please don't leave me behind

High High High

A long time ago we were angels in the snow
We were carved out of the clouds where I found your mouth
And your blood came pouring out and over my eyes
And I dreamt of the places where you and I will die

All I keep are the Visions I see
Till they tear me apart at the seams
Flights of angels came calling for me
Though you always remained within reach

Ree Deem Mee

Should you fall from this house of Grace
and your soul takes on another face
In that space between sleep and awake
For you that is where I will wait
Track Name: Arm's Length
Used to come so easy
Wonders never ceasing
Every time I started sleeping
Seeped into my dreams

There's beauty in being
You ain't always seeing
Like wind whipping clean
Through tops of the trees

Waves washing me
Out into the sea
Keeping me from breathing
Keeping me beneath
Just outta reach

Used to come so easy
Visions always seizing
Every time I couldn't sleep
Come whispering to me

Try to find some meaning
Start to get the feeling
Drifting to the ceiling
Leaving my body

Current carries me
Gently down the stream
Keeping my relief
At Arm's Length
Yeah just outta reach

Don't come easy
Wonders never ceasing
Visions always seizing
Releasing me

There's beauty in being
You ain't always seeing
Like lying next to me
Mighty pretty thing

Keeping me from sleeping
Keeping me from dreaming
Keeping me believing
that God is a place
Just outta reach
Track Name: Grey Eyes
Well it looks like they're closing down the lines
that ran from your house to the back of mine
And it seems like you're severing all ties
with the ones that leave you behind
Well I don't know what keeps me qualified
You're not the kind that's easily defined
I'm not the kind that likes to try

Now if this day could find a way to end by your side
Set our sights on old Kentucky's sky
I've got my whiskey you've got your wine
Fade away with me into the night
Grey Eyes

Well it looks like they're taking down the pines
that traced the path from the back of your house to mine
And it seems like your love just up and died
Well can I try to bring it back to life
I don't know what keeps me so inclined
I'm not the kind that's easily defined
But you're the kind that loves to try

Now if this day could find a way to stay by your side
I've set my sites back on North Carolina
Me and my whiskey you and your wine
Fade away with me into the night
Grey Eyes
Hold on tight
I've kept it all inside of me
I've kept it all inside
Grey Eyes
Track Name: Family
When you couldn't sleep
You'd come looking for me
We'd go down our street
and climb our neighbors' tree
And through their window we could see
Everything we wanted in a Family

So now you wanna run away
When I just want you to stay
Where you going to?
Why can't I come with you?
Track Name: Bloom
Well I'm feeling kinda high
Rows of roses all line my eyes
Single file coming down the aisle
I try to cry but I just smile
Then right on cue enter my room
Make their debut then bid adieu
But from my window stands quite a view
I see the garden needs tending to
But you withdrew out of the blue
Never knew had it in you
Yeah you refused to give refuge
You were my muse but you abused
You played it safe I played it cool
By time they grew took many moons
Now I can smell their sweet perfume
As all them fuckers begin to Bloom

Well I'm feeling mighty fine
Rows of houses all shotgun style
Wind like the Nile they stretch for miles
But my Baby's still in denial
Because the world starts to confuse
Try to close off all them wounds
Some things you keep most things you lose
What you don't use just cut em loose
Don't speak in riddles don't give me clues
You parlez-vous? I party too
Just gimme some truth something that soothes
Cus I'm getting along long in the tooth
If I pull through I'll need some proof
You comfort me I'll comfort you
You come for me I'll come for you
You come full Bloom I'll come full too
Track Name: Destiny
Does your heart beat true in everything you do
Or does it tend to bend just slightly out of tune?
With the few you choose to lend it to
Or did they take it though you never asked them to?
Now do you seek truth or are you just passing through?
Do you see the lies they told you in your youth?
When I was your fortress I held all your secrets
The key was kept with pleasure til I finally surrendered
To all of your anger it anchored us together
But you and I knew better knew better late than never
A fool of my own fortune I left come the morning
But I left always knowing you were my Destiny

Does your heart keep time with the rhymes in your mind
Or are you just reciting lines you've memorized?
And what will you decide when you finally find
The line you cross still keeps you on their side
Now do you need proof though you never let me through
The wounds have healed but cost you most your youth
When I was your fool I tried to play it cool
But some scars don't always leave a visible bruise
And all of your angels knew all of the angles
They knew what was wagered and kept you from danger
In all of their splendor they held you there forever
They held us there together cus you are my Destiny
You are my Destiny

Now my eyes go blind from the visions in my mind
I reach out to feel you by my side
But find myself alone find nothing there to hold
And my heart grows a hole it's never known
But the scent of your roses lingers in the darkness
the pleasure felt is swollen as I'm frozen to the moment
And I fight with all my might against the passing of time
and tremble with delight once I realize
The destiny of light is to break through the night
And provide a line of sight back to my eyes
And the beauty that I'll see flowers blooming around me
You planted the seeds just before you rose to leave
It's our Destiny